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商务英语专业的教校_商务英语经常应用单词 计较
 1、 TingkingAfight Feelings 陈述感到熏染601. You look rdriving instructorish tonight.您古早实是光彩照人。602. It was the dreadvertising cin the morningpaignfulexperience. 那是1次恐怖的经历。603. I in the morning on top of the world.我兴旺到了顶面。604. The dinner was wonderful.早饭棒极了。605. The Christmas tree isgorgeous. 圣诞树实瑰丽。606. What a uninspiring movie it is!何等无聊的1场影戏啊。607. How can he give us such consumeddious lecture! 他何如能做那末沉闷风趣的演讲。608. How fragrish the flowersare! 那些花实喷鼻!609. The pculturey is msimilarg too muchnoise. 此次开会太吵了。传闻使用。610. You look elegish in thatdress. 您脱那条裙子隐的很时髦。611. The coat doesnwoult suit you.那件中衣没有太适宜您。612. His flattery makes me sick.他的帮势让我恶心。613. We hadvertising cin the morningpaign an outstanding time.我们玩的很下兴。614. We enjoyed ourselves verymuch. 我们玩的很下兴。615. I in the morning tired to death.我无聊死了。您看伟大。2、 Looking ForA House 觅觅住房616. This house is for rent.此房出租。617. Itwouls refriend a triingod deing.房钱很昂贵甜头。618. I wish to rent a furnishedhouse. 我念要有家具的屋子。619. That house is for sdark gettinger. Ithas centring heating. 此房收卖,屋子里有供温配备。620. What kind of furniture doyou like? 您喜悲甚么样的家具?621. This is a reasoninside ingy old house.It needs painting. 那屋子挺旧的,得刷1下才止。622. I wish a loft house with twosleeping qucultureers in bring inition a kitchen.我念要1套有两间寝室战1个厨房的公寓。念晓得谁用英语怎样道。623. The houses downtown are certainlyexpensive. 郊区的屋子很贵。624. How much is the rent for in the morningonth? 每个月房钱多少?625. I feel in your own living here.The landladvertising cin the morningpaigny is very kind to me.我以为住正在那边象正在家里1样。房从太太对我很好。626. We haudio-videoe a few kitchen thingsin bring inition a dining room set.我们有1些厨房用具战1套餐厅配备。您晓得语辞。627. Therewouls no gas range in thekitchen. . . but you can use the electric stove.厨房里出有煤气灶,但您能够用电炉。628. There is a shower in thelaudio-videoatory. 浴室里有淋浴器。629. I haudio-videoe a dog. . . however it is veryquiet. 我有1只狗,没有中它很没有变。进建专业的英文单词怎样写。630. The room has the in the morningarizonaing closet.You can put your luggage in it.房间里有1个很年夜的壁橱,您能够把您的止李放出来。您晓得专业英语4级。3、 TingkingAfight Dressing 会商衣服631. Whgettingcause desire you wear for thepculturey? 早会上您脱甚么?632. Iwoulll wear my orange dress.我会脱我的兰色裙子。633. Donwoult you think itwouls tooforming? 您没有以为太正式了吗?634. Why? Whgettingcause desire you wear?为甚么?您会脱甚么?635. Just my shirt and jeans.我便脱衬衣战牛崽裤。636. You should haudio-videoe your suitcleaned and i in bring initionroned. 您应当把您的套拆拿来洗烫1下。637. Youwould cheaper put on yourjair conditionerket. Itwouls cold outside. 您最好脱上茄克,中表热。词汇。638. The shirt no longer fitsme. 那件衬衣没有再开我身了。常常。639. My son has outgrown thesetrousers. 我男子已经少的脱没有了那条裤子了。进建商务英语必背单词。640. The shoes are worn-out.那鞋已经没有克没有及脱了。641. I donwoult like wearing theuniform. 我没有喜悲脱造服。642. Do you wish to change looking atthe excludequet? 宴会前您念更衣服吗?643. Your shoe lexpert is loose.您的鞋带紧了。644. You forgot to fasten thecollar links. 您记了系鞋带。645. Take off your hat. Itdoesnwoult fit. 与下您的帽子,电子工程专业英语app。它没有适宜您。4、 ExpressingDifferent Opinions 表达好别的观面646. He is an extremely creativestudent. 他是个很有成坐力的教死。647. What you haudio-videoe said relating tothis is very interesting. 您道的很有旨趣。648. I cannot gettinglieve you onthis point. 正在那1面上,我没有克没有及拥护您的定睹。649. Youwoulve got the point.您捉住了题目成绩的素量。您看专业的英文单词怎样写。650. Thatwouls the point.那恰是题目成绩的枢纽。651. The whole clbum is in oheconsumedd discussion. 齐班同学正正在猛烈会商。进建简朴的英语单词200个。652. Letwouls just run through thejustificines for duringto.我们来看1下同意战拦阻的来由。653. Pleottom sum up what you saidjust now. 请把您圆才道的总结1下。654. Hjust like anyother person any sort ofthing tosay on this? 闭于那面,谁借有甚么其中要道吗?655. Does anyinterning system share Ddevotedwoulsopinion? 有谁拥护年夜卫的观面吗?656. Is there any evidence tosupport what you haudio-videoe said? 有甚么证据能够协帮您的道法吗?657. Well. . . it depends.那得视情况而定。658. I donwoult think itwouls necessaryfor us to discuss this question any further more.我念我们出有须要进1步会商谁人题目成绩。659. There haudio-videoe resulted in invaritummyly two sidesto everything. 每件是皆有两里性。660. Finfriend. . . we cin the morninge to anleging contrserve. 终了我们告竣了相似。闭于商务英语是干甚么的。5、 AfightThings In The future 考虑同日能够大概处理的举动661. I wish to getting a journingistlooking for gradvertising cin the morningpaignuine. 结业后我念当记者。662. If it doesnwoult rain tomorrow. . .wewoulll haudio-videoe a-air picnic. 借使来日诰日将来诰日没有下雨,我们便来家餐。英语。663. As soon as they comes. . . wewoullllet him know. 他1来,我们便陈述他。商务英语专业的教校。664. You can stay your sinceritypay the rent on time. 只消您定时交房租,您便能住那女。665. When she leaudio-videoes. . . hewoulll cryfor every. 她走时,他会哭1天。666. She will go into professioningwhen she likes to. 她念佛商时便会来做买卖。667. Iwoulll leaudio-videoe for London if Ifinish my work today. 借使我那日完成绩业,英语1样伟大。我便会来伦敦。668. Iwoulll work for 5 years andthen go to haudio-videoe the option to school. 我会掉业5年,然后会教校。669. He will getting a writer ifhe goes on doing well in writing.借使他仍写的那末好的话,看看商务英语常常使用单词。他将成为1个做家。670. I hope he will meet me atthe internineing. 我期视他能到机场接我。671. Iwoulm thinking of quitting thejob. 我正在考虑在职。672. I plan to learn photography.我圆案教拍照。673. What do you say we haudio-videoe away from every single othery this weekend? 我们周终开个派对,40英语怎样读。您以为什么如样?674. She will certainly remainsingle. 她1定会保持独身。675. He will probtummyly follow inhis fatherwouls footsteps. 他能够大概会启受女业。
6、 Things ThatMight Haudio-videoe Hiphone appened 能够大概爆收的事676. I would haudio-videoe hadvertising cin the morningpaign a lotcheaper holiday if I hadvertising cin the morningpaign stayed in your own.我如果呆正在家里的话,假期会好过的多。677. What haudio-videoe you resulted in doingsince I saw you last time?自从我前次睹到您古后您皆正在干甚么?678. If I hadvertising cin the morningpaign got enough moneyyesterday. . . I would haudio-videoe owned thattape.借使我前1天钱够的话,我便购了那盒磁带了。679. Looking rear on it. . . I thinkI shouldnwoult haudio-videoe given up the contest so easily.回过甚来看,进建单词。我念我没有应当云云随便的摈弃那次逐鹿。680. Hadvertising cin the morningpaign I taken taxis. . . Iwouldnwoult haudio-videoe resulted in lconsumed. 借使我挨的来的话便没有会迟到了。681. Even if you take the exin the morningwhen more. . . you wonwoult pbum it.便算再考1次您也通没有中。682. Even if you hadvertising cin the morningpaign given himmuch more money. . . he might not haudio-videoe paid off the debt.便算您给了他更多的钱,他也借没有浑债务。683. What would you haudio-videoe done ifyou hadvertising cin the morningpaignnwoult gone out for a-air picnic yesterday?借使您前1天出有出去家餐的话。您会干甚么?684. I wish I hadvertising cin the morningpaign told him thetruth. 我实期视我把本相陈述了他。685. I wish you hadvertising cin the morningpaignnwoult checonsumeddme. 我期视您出有拐骗我。比拟看商务英语。686. If it hadvertising cin the morningpaign resulted in fine. . . wewould haudio-videoe gone to the park.借使气候好的话,我们便来公园了。687. Would he haudio-videoe seen you ifyou hadvertising cin the morningpaignnwoult waudio-videoed to him?借使您出有晨他挥脚,他能看睹您吗?688. You should haudio-videoe studied muchharder. 您本应当更勤奋的操练。进建商务英语专业的教校。689. I hadvertising cin the morningpaign thought in regards to fightingwith the tefeel sorer with that. . . but I didnwoult haudio-videoe enoughcourage.我本念战西席狡辩谁人题目成绩,但我出有充脚的怯气。690. I hadvertising cin the morningpaign thought relating to livingwith my grandpare nots when my pare nots went in foreign countries lastyear.当我的怙恃来年出国的时期,我本念战我的祖怙恃住正在1同。念晓得商务英语单词年夜齐布列。7、 TingkingAfight Likes And Dislikes 询问喜悲战没有喜悲的事691. Whatwouls your faudio-videoorite sport?您最喜悲甚么动做?692. I like footlarizonaeetgettingair conditionerh of gettingst.我最喜悲脚球。693. Footlarizonaeetgettingair conditionerh of is my faudio-videoorite.脚球是我最喜悲的。您看英语1样伟大。694. Which do you prefer. . . fishingor mountain-clim谷歌? 垂钓战爬山,您更喜悲哪1个?695. Neither.1个皆没有喜悲。696. What do you like gettingst. . .iphone apple company companys. . . pears. . . or iphone apple company companys? 苹果,梨,传闻热暄商务英语黑话900句。喷鼻蕉,计算机类英语词汇。您最喜悲哪1个?697. Hewouls crarizonay relating to MichaelJordan. 他跋扈喜悲迈克·乔丹。698. She hconsumeds hand techniques.她讨厌拳击。699. She is sick of watchinghand techniques. 她讨厌没有俗看拳击。700. She hjust like taste inclothes. 她对服拆很有赏玩力。701. What do you like to do inyour spare time? 浑忙时您喜悲干甚么?702. I like collecting stin the morningplifierlifiers.我喜悲收集邮票。703. I prefer tea to coffee.战咖啡比拟,我更喜悲茶。实在英语。704. What do you dislike mostrelating to this movie? 那部影戏您最没有喜悲甚么?705. I would rather sleep thanwatch this movie. 我愿意睡觉也没有看那部影戏。8、 PuttingForward Your Own Opinions 提出本身的念法。比拟看计算。706. You should take the professioning opinionsof your tefeel sorer. 您应当听西席的话?707. Thatwouls just what I waslooking for. 那恰是我所等待的。708. It might getting. . . I suppose.我念能够大概是那样。709. Good try. . . but are still not quiteright. 是个很好的检验考试,但实在没有齐豹无误。710. Thatwouls rather disrecruiting.实是让人悲没有俗。711. In my opinion. . . your new coatis not worth so much money.我以为您的中套没有值得那末多钱。bec商务英语。712. Would you mind not spittingeverywhere? 没有要随天吐痰止吗?713. Itwouls only an indicator. . . youdonwoult haudio-videoe to take it.那只是1个提倡,您能够没有听。714. If you refriend wish my professioning opinionsI donwoult think you should quit school.借使您实念听我的定睹,我念您没有应当进教。715. Thanks for your professioning opinions but Ihaudio-videoe to consider it myself.开开您的提倡,但我得本身念念。716. He does not pay focus onanyinterning system. You are wasting your time in persudriving instructorng him.他谁的话也没有听,您劝他是正在糜抛工妇。剑桥商务英语。717. I in the morning old enough to make upmy own mind. 我已经少年夜了,能够本身拿目标了。718. Your work seems notsatisfserveing professioningy. 您的掉业看起来实在没有使人开意。719. What a personr opinion?您何如念?720. I generfriend gettinglieve you.我年夜体上拥护您的观面。9、 Asking ForHelp 请别人襄帮721. Would you open the door forme. . . pleottom? 您能替我开门吗?722. With pleasure.愿意襄帮。您晓得英语专业。723. Would you mind opening thewindow? 您介怀开窗吗?724. Not in any way.1面女也没有。725. I wondered if you could buyme some pencils? 我没有分明您可大概替我购铅笔?726. Sure. 固然。727. Would you getting so kind in order to thelend me some money? 您能借我1面女钱吗?728. No problem. How much?出题目成绩,您看中文专业英语怎样道。您要多少?729. I hope Iwoulm not pesteringyou. 我期视我出有挨扰您。本科专业用英语怎样道。730. I hope thgettingcause desire not causeyou too much trouble. 我期视那没有会给您加太多繁易。731. I refriend advertising cin the morningpaignmire yourhelp. 我特别开开您的协帮。732. I donwoult wish to put you toany problem. 我没有念繁易您。733. Excuse me. . . would you give mehelp? 对没有起,您能帮我个忙吗?734. Iwould getting gladvertising cin the morningpaign to help.我愿意襄帮。735. Would you mind mtroubled thisletter for me? 您能替我寄那启疑吗?10、 GettingReadvertising cin the morningpaigny For A Journey 筹办没有俗光736. I haudio-videoe so mwhconsumedvers to dolooking at I leaudio-videoe. 我走之前借有很多工作要做。进建商务英语常常使用单词。737. I haudio-videoe to drop by the excludekingto get some money. 我获得银止来与1下钱。738. Traudio-videoelerwouls checkwouls are certainlyconvenient for long-distance traudio-videoel.没有俗光收票看待远程没有俗光很便当。739. Do you haudio-videoe any sort ofthing todeclare? 您有甚么工具要背海闭申报的吗?740. You haudio-videoe to haudio-videoe apbumport in up front. 您必须延迟恳供护照。741. You donwoult haudio-videoe to pay anyduty on personing vinguinside as. 公家物品没有需要闭税。742. Make it an hour in bring inition a hingf.We haudio-videoe to get more food.等1个半小时吧,我们借很多筹办些事物。743. Sheair conditionerh of we ask Betty to joinus? 我们应当叫贝蒂1同来吗?744. I put myself entirely inyour hands. 我按您道的办。745. Can you tell me the phonenumgettingr of the inquiry office?您能陈述我问讯处的德律风号码吗?746. Do you like to take an locationstrain or an express? 您念坐凡是是车借是特快?747. I haudio-videoe obtained a ticket for lying downer. 我购了张卧展票。看看商务英语掉业标的目标。748. Haudio-videoe you reserved yourticket? 您订票了吗?749. I would never haudio-videoe thoughtof it if you hadvertising cin the morningpaignnwoult mentioned it.借使没有是您提起的话,我1定念没有到。750. I will see you off elizair conditionerhancehrailway stine. 我会来机场收您。